How to Destroy Your Toyota Beyond Repair

Toyota trucks are alleged to be completely indestructible. No vehicle, however, can truly be indestructible.

Hoping to throw it in Toyota's face, the show Top Gear got a hold of a used Toyota truck and began to test its "indestructibility" using whatever means necessary.

The Top Gear team is creative in their approach. When basic methods, like crashing it, fail to do anything but dent the body work, they throw it into the ocean.

Salt water and car batteries don't mix.

But somehow, once all the lines and parts were unclogged of sand, and a little WD-40 was applied, the truck still ran.

In fact, no matter what they threw at it, with some simple service and repairs, the truck just kept going.

So, how do you destroy a Toyota beyond repair? We are not sure. But if your vehicle seems to be on the brink, just bring it in to Joseph Airport Toyota. Let our service experts have a look at it, and it will be up and running again in no time.


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