Is The Toyota Prius a Paragon of Reliability?

You love saving money. We can say that with some assurance, because if we're honest, everyone loves saving money.

You've been eyeballing the Toyota Prius for a while now. You figure you'll save plenty of money on gas over the life of the car... assuming the life of the car is a long time.

Toyota visits one of its favorite UK customers, to see how his Toyota Prius is treating him 11 years later.

Bob Old has put 435,000 miles on his Toyota Prius over the past 11 years. Even for the age of the car, that's a ton of driving. Yet, he's never had a breakdown. He may have needed roadside assistance once, because he punctured his tire.

As for the battery, it's never needed to be replaced. His 11 year old battery is still operating just as well as it did when it was new.

How does he do it?

Nothing special. Routine maintenance is recommended about every 10,000 miles, and that's all he's been doing. He's about to go in for his 43rd service appointment.

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