Is Tire Tread More Useful in the Rain?

Did you know that tire tread is largely unnecessary on a dry road?

The friction where rubber meets road comes from the tiny imperfections of the rubber against the pavement. In dry conditions, tread actually reduces that friction by reducing the surface area of rubber in contact with the road.

When it rains, however, the difference tread makes is dramatic.

Toyota found that when braking at 60mph on a wet road, a car with 2/32 inch tread depth took almost 10 times longer to stop than a car with 10/32 inch tread.

This is because, on a wet surface, tread gives that water somewhere to go. Without tread, rubber skids on top of a layer of water instead of creating friction against the ground. Ultimately, this can lead to hydroplaning.

So remember, just because your car seems to be stopping fine when it's dry out, as soon as rain meets road, you could be in trouble. Come in to Joseph Airport Toyota, and have our service team inspect your tires. Our tire center always has great deals on the most trusted brands of tire.


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